How to Apply for Personal Mentorship?

  1. First book a call consultation and fill out application form for interview.
  2. During the interview, you will have to go through the serious qualification process.
  3. After your interview call,  We will let you know if you are right fit for e-commerce mentorship
  4. As it is 1-on-1 private training, so we have very limited slots.
  5. Please note that all applications will be not accepted, T&C Apply.

For India

Book a Call Consultation:

🇮🇳 ₹999

Other Country

Book a Call Consultation:

🇺🇸 $50

Key Benefits of Private Mentorship
  1.  We will guide you to build a complete e-commerce store
  2.  Brand Identity logo and theme
  3.  Payment Option and setup
  4.  Product Research and Sourcing
  5.  Best way to product listing 
  6.  Automation and sales generation process
  1.  Build trust with customer 
  2.  Advertising Marketing setup
  3.  Ad creation, advertising along with pixel creation and configuration 
  4.  Order Processing tracking setup
  5.  Help for content and policy pages
  6.  7 days Live Personal Mentorship & Support
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