How to Start E-Commerce Business in India?

Indian market zone of online business has been increasing like a rapid-fire. Make a living online through e-commerce business creating millennium profits to the people in India and around the world. 

Dropshipping is a trending topic in India among the people and aspiring entrepreneurs. This article will be helpful to clear buzz in your mind before starting a dropshipping business in India.

The analytics of Indian e-commerce statistics growth appears to become the second-largest e-commerce market in the globe by 2034. 

This fascinating growth is driven by the grocery and fashion niche. The E-commerce sector of India achieved the US $ 30 billion in 2019 and expected to achieve US$99 billion by 2024.

The online grocery market in India is expected to increase sales by about US $ 3.19 in 2020. Online shoppers in India reached a record of 120 million in 2018 and estimated to reach 220 million by 2025. 

What is an e-commerce business?

It is an Electronic Commerce where commercial good selling and purchasing occurs through the middle man called the Internet. The clear picture I can provide you is it’s a shop called the Internet from where merchants sell their products when the consumer places the order. 

And this shop could be any website like Amazon, eBay, myntra etc… Specific products with classification are displayed. 

So in a nutshell dropshipping is the routed path of the e-commerce business. 

What is Dropshipping? 

When a customer places an order to the seller, the seller buys the product from the supplier who is also the manufacturer and shipping agent.

The supplier is the seller’s logistic partner. Make a list of commitments that a supplier is providing you. The suppliers are one who manufactures your products and provides the service of shipping to your customers.

Communication is the key to business profits. Check out the potential capacity of a supplier for the manufacturing of products.

Indian suppliers on the list of drop shipping are Glowroad, Indian Mart and meesho. 

Pricing strategy between the entrepreneur and supplier should be an active advantage. 

You should also look out for the speed of shipping and quality service production of a supplier. 

Since you don’t monitor the products you need to search for a trustworthy supplier who can manufacture the products, fast shipping to your customers’ strategic plans to come up with every forthcoming outcome needed in a generous entrepreneur should be prepared for. 

Shopify is an outgrowing and most trusted e-commerce platform In digital marketing of India which provides a lot of features for beginners to grow the website with better marketing opportunities and access to a variable social platform network for the entrepreneur products promotion.


In early June 2013, the US launched Amazon.com as its e-commerce Amazon Indian marketplace as a result of the globalization market industry. With the investment of 2 billion dollars to expand digital marketing In India.

Since 2014 the Indian government has started implementing and development of e-commerce businesses to make digital India.

With the benefits of the Internet and 4G launching in India, the e-commerce dropshipping business increased rapidly.

This became a driving force among the people of India and brought inspiration in Indian youth to develop self-employed e-commerce dropshipping businesses.

To be a successful entrepreneur in e-commerce drop shipping you must listen to the necessary measurements needed to be taken and proper guidance provided by the mentor. 

In the rage of success, most of the entrepreneurs have made investments which brought no benefits and loss in confidence and strength taking no move again. 

The result of a failure in the most beginner entrepreneurs is due to blindly trusting unprofessional business practices prior starting ecommmece or dropshipping business india which has brought no success rate.

7 Things that you need to start an e-commerce or dropshipping business:

  1. Research about the product.
  2. Brand name & logo, legal business and GST.
  3. Domain name and email account: Click here and buy one – 30% discount coupon 30GKOFF.
  4. E-Commerce platforms – Here is a 14-day trial Click here to register.
  5. Traffic Source ( Facebook, Google, etc.)
  6. Business Strategies and Business Mindset.
  7. Mentorship – who can help you and show you the right path.

Why does dropshipping or ecommerce business fail in India?

You can’t become rich overnight, patience, and potential to do more is important. People give up when they can’t see the result. There are many factors for failures. Here some of the reasons are:

  • Don’t blindfold to unprofessional guide ship provided by any random community if you’re going to start as a beginner dropshipping business. There is depth to dig in every trade most Merchandisers are unaware of
  • Choosing the wrong platform for marketing products. Entrepreneurs don’t realize where they went wrong in dropshipping market. 
  • The products you’re marketing if have high rate production and marketing on another platform that means you choose the wrong website for marketing. 
  • Choosing the wrong niche: people often choose the wrong niche. You need to choose a niche where customers buy more. The niche should bring more buyer traffic.
  • Most of the entrepreneurs just want to start a dropshipping e-commerce business, but don’t stay with commitment when new challenges approach. 
  • Not having true guidance and a mentor who is already successful in helping out Aspiring entrepreneurs is important. 
  • A guiding mentor is able to show up to your problems and guide you through the process of e-commerce dropshipping marketing information and advice you to use free online marketing tool is important.

Case Study on Indian E-Commerce & Dropshipping Business Mentorship

  • One of the commonest reasons for failure – Not having true guidance and a mentor who is already successful in helping out Aspiring entrepreneurs is important. 
  • A guiding mentor is able to show up to your problems and guide you through the process of e-commerce dropshipping marketing information and advice on various important areas of business.
  • In the current upgrade world, we can see how social media have tremendously been used where brands are competing with eachothers for selling similar products on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, personal blogs and word press.
  • These are the latest running social media applications where the maximum online business takes place. 
  • Eye catching, attractive catalog and quality photography is the main thing to attract products to customers. Displaying and posting on social media immediately bring traffic to your website. 
  • Highlight the features and the benefits of the products. Make sure to represent attractive product reviews on your website. 
  • Give the truthful opinion of both pros and cons so as to engage honestly and to have a genuine bond between you and consumers.
  • Marketing, sale, service, and distribution are the main keys for the dropshipping business, and having expert guidance you need to follow.

Let me tell you about me, I’m Gautam Kalal, I have been running multiple ecommerce stores, also mentoring many entrepreneurs and Students in India, and the US, Canada, Australia, Dubai.

In digital marketing, I have spent 15+  years of experience that includes IT, Advertising, Own Digital Agency and Consulting

My students have reached various milestones, from 1000/- per day to 1 lakh per day selling products online by implementing my strategies in e-commerce and dropshipping business.

Everything is possible and you can do it. Take a step ahead and enroll in the mentorship program that will help you to achieve success without wasting time in trying wrong things.


E-commerce Dropshipping in India is currently a developing market, which provides a lot of benefits in this pandemic zone. There are lots of innovations and technical things on your way.

It may be a little challenging for new beginners. but it’s the perfect time to get into the ecommerce and dropshipping business.

Like every other business dropshipping has ups and downs too. But with planning and preparations to face those with healthy decisions will reduce the cons of the e-commerce business. But remember to achieve your final destination you should be prepared for every problem. 

Let me know if my article was helpful for you. Latest updates are posted to give wide knowledge on dropshipping business and strategic ideas to overcome important issues. Stay tune for more updates and guidance on this website.

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