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Convert your website visitor into a recurring customer

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Convert your website visitor into a recurring customer

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Convert your website visitor into a recurring customer

Yes! you can convert your website’s visitor into a recurring customer, No kidding, it is absolutely possible.

If you look at any established website, and in-depth their marketing strategy, some way or other they do the same.

You might know few of theme called 1. User Behaviour  2. Abundant Cart, 3 .Search History etc.

But most important thing is Landing Page, that’s the only way to convert your website’s visitors into a customer
by capturing leads which means (customers’s name and email address)

In best landing page what all you can find:

  1. Headline: The headline is the first thing visitors will likely see when they ‘land’ on a landing page. A great landing page headline sums up the offer as clearly and concisely as possible, and answers the question, “What will visitors who convert on this page receive?”
  2.  Copy: The text on a landing page should explain the value of the offer clearly, simply, and in a compelling way. Bullet points can be used to demonstrate clear takeaways, break up large blocks of text, and keep it brief and succinct.
  3.  Keywords: Like any other inbound marketing content, keywords should be used in the page title, headers, and text on a landing page to optimize it for search engines.
  4.  Social Sharing Buttons/Links: These links enable visitors to easily share a landing page with their connections on social networks like Facebook ,LinkedIn , and Twitter , extending the reach of your landing page beyond your own network of contacts, fans, and followers.
  5.  Hidden Navigation: A landing page on which any top/side navigation bars are hidden will minimize distractions, reduce friction, decrease a landing page’s bounce rate, and increase the chances that visitors will stay on the page and convert.
  6.  Lead-Capture/Conversion Form: The most critical component of any landing page, the lead-capture or conversion form is where page visitors submit their information in exchange for the offer, converting them into coveted sales leads.
  7.  Image/Video: Landing pages that include a relevant image give visitors a tangible idea of what they’ll receive and make landing pages much more visually appealing.

Once you have leads you can nurture them by providing valuable information and sooner or later most of the are going to be your loyal customers and which will buy all the product that you sell.

I am sharing with you my customer or lead generating Landing Page creation tool which helped me to get lots of leads and lots of generate revenue, which I am sure you will like it. and it may add lots of value to your work.

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