What is storytelling in Business | helps to get more leads, sales

What is storytelling in business that helps to get more leads, sales

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What is storytelling in Business?

What is storytelling in Business ?

Today everyone wants to grow business using various marketing strategies.  Where in storytelling is one of the most effective ways to connect with your target audience and build the trust.  Storytelling can help you to get more leads and sales.  

Let’s take an example assume that you advertise for your business and noticed that you are not getting enough RIO.

Here are 2 rules of marketing

  1. Design an offer with unique value that solves a real problem of your customers or target audience
  2. Start telling stories to your customer which they want to hear

The movement you start telling nice story to people they will immediately connect with you. And you will end up getting lots of leads and sales. Because most people talk about their product / services and they fail

3 steps to create an effective ad for your business

  1. In your story talk about untold pain of your customers -  nurture and educate them about problem and gaps
  2. Show them an unique and unexpected gain  /  benefits
  3. Position your product / services and make them buy your offer today.


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13-10-18 | Gautam Kalal | 0 comments | Share With : | | | |

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